Wednesday, March 20, 2013


It’s strange to think that one day I will be completely and utterly forgotten. And not just in several centuries when the world is a completely difference place, but probably in a few short generations. I could be popular, I could be funny, I could be well liked, I could be rich, I could be successful, I could even be famous; but no matter what, the odds are that my entire existence will be totally forgotten in an extremely short amount of time. Even if I were to become famous so that my name was repeated or written somewhere in a history book, life will go on, for the most part, completely without me. Someone reading that dry history book might yawn when they come to the words “Ashley Elizabeth” and their mind will be much more occupied by the attractive girl sitting across the aisle than by those two words that represent a life: a human with feelings and emotions just like you, and thoughts and decisions that she had to live with every moment of every day.

After thinking about all of this, it is absolutely ridiculous that anyone would ever think--even unconsciously--that life is all about them. But then again, trapped inside our bodies and minds and ways of thinking, forced to view everything so subjectively as ourselves, it is hard to think of life as anything different. How are we supposed to make our lives matter when we are so very us, so absolutely forced to never be anything but that one insignificant subjective individual, trapped by time and mindset?

With all this in mind I look at I Peter 1:3 with a fresh wonder and gratitude for what God has done for me. According to His abundant mercy He begot us again to a LIVING HOPE through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. This, this is where I find meaning. This is where my fleeting life can rest assured of a definite and fulfilling purpose. Life without purpose is nothing. I choose meaning, hope, and purpose. I choose to believe in Someone bigger than myself; I hope in His master purpose in which I am less than a tiny speck in the exquisitely artistic masterpiece. I look to Him with gratitude and I resolve to make this life a speck totally devoted to Him.

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